Which Books – choose ’em based on yer mood



Neat stuff, actually.

You click the mood and it will allow you to adjust a dial from, say, “Happy” to “Sad.” Made think, if you put the dial close to happy, how would you call it? “Not So Happy”? “Not Sad and Rather Happy”? I think I’m in the mood of reading something silly. But, yeah, “silly” is relative and it’s not one of the choices.

When you get list of books, you don’t see the typical catalog results from many of the library catalogs. No call number, no location. Just titles, author, a review, and snippet of text, if available. Once you’re interested in a book, you click the Borrow button and the system will ask you which library you’re associate it and take you to its catalog system.

I don’t know if they ask the affiliate library because they don’t recognize my IP address or it’s the system’s default (I am, after all, getting spoiled by WorldCat.) I also don’t know what would happen if the book I’m interested in is not available from the local library. I suppose they would do an automatic Interlibrary Loan. I hope so.

The book collection was jointly developed by public libraries from England, Wales, and Scotland. You can view the collection, but you, of course, have to have their library card to borrow the book.