#libday6 for Monday, January 24, 2011

  • Investigated Google Analytics auto report to track use of QR codes. Doable.
  • Investigated CINAHL mobile for our Health Science librarians. They reported that they received an EBSCO login page instead of the mobile version of CINAHL database. Apparently EBSCO peep gave them a wrong URL. Tested the correct URL from my mobile phone and they worked fine. Whew.
  • Discussed possible Private LOCKSS Network (PLN) project for our Agriculture Extension digital resources. There are three possibilities: create a completely new PLN with new institutions that are not LOCKSS member; contact LOCKSS members and ask if they’re willing to participate; submit our Agriculture Extention collection to LOCKSS team for further processing. So far, we’re leaning toward the second option.
  • Worked with our Accounting staff renewing our SurveyMonkey subscription.
  • Meet with chaps from the Library, campus’ Administrative Information Services (the folks who manage records and billing, student systems, stuff like that), and campus’ Academic Technology Services (the folks who maintain network backbone, shibboleth, sentinel, campus servers, stuff like that) on our Community ID, non-credit courses, and access to library e-resources. All we need to make it happen is to make sure new Community ID who registered to our non-credit courses will get the necessary entitlements for their access to library e-resources. Now that our new financial system is in place, let’s hope the programmers will finally put their time to make this happen.
  • Analyzed list of e-resources backfiles from Wiley. I might order a couple of them for my Museum Studies subject.
  • Analyzed list of potential Social Science ebooks from Emerald Publishing. Some of them might be useful for my Museum Studies subject, but none of them is specific for Museum Studies. Tabled.
  • Slowly chipping in emails backlog. Seventy seven more to go.
  • Received notification from our GOBI ordering system on new monographs available for order. Will review the choices later.
  • Ordered six monographs per Museum Studies faculty’s request. Good thing they’re not that expensive.
  • Reviewing agenda for the upcoming CIC IT Accessibility meeting in U of Wisconsin-Madison – http://www.cio.wisc.edu/cic-accessibility-usability-conference/. We finished our proposed responses to the DOJ request for comments on ADA and Web Accessibility and the CIOs are currently reviewing it. The next meeting would be in interesting one about this topic.
  • Cough attack. Will go home soon.