#libday6 for Thursday January 27, 2011

The thing about staying home nursing this cold is: I got plenty of time to read the accumulated unread emails in my inbox. Also read some more online articles.

  • Helped a colleague to figure out how to create a permanent/persistent link for a fulltext article on WilsonWeb. Rather surprised that Wilson doesn’t give it by default. Found a work around: use their Export –> (other) Bibliographic Citation option, then copy the given PURL. Their help page indicated that one could just right click the article link and copy the link. But it didn’t work when I tried out; Wilson use a javascript. Too bad.
  • Administering ASIS&T mailing list: subscription requests, moderating posts that get stuck for moderation for whatever reason.
  • Testing out off-campus access for some e-resources, either through ezproxy or the institutional login/shibboleth.
  • A fellow librarian sent wide email queried about BeBook and then asked me about the accessibility aspect of it. Apparently a faculty asked him about using it to access and read our e-resources, especially ebooks. The faculty has had difficulties reading articles and ebook on his PC monitor. Unfortunately, e-ink display like that is not optimized to access our e-resources directly and read the ebooks. Refered him to our RCPD unit (Resource for Persons with Disabilities.)
  • Worked a bit on ER&L website. Added the preliminary schedule.
  • Helped my friend reviewed his documentation on crediting images used for an exhibition
  • Read: