Web-based services for CDs and DVDs collection 

I’m looking for a web-based services like librarything.com but for my CDs and DVDs. Granted, one could add their CDs and DVDs manually into librarything.com, but who got the time to do that? I’m looking for some kind of automatic way to add my music and movie collections. So, I’m  scouring some discussions group and forums and looks like these are the ones that get mentioned more:

For DVDs:

  • Take11, although somebody said that he “wasn’t that excited.”
  • DVD Profiler
  • DVD Corral
  • IheartMovies
  • OpenDB, which is something you can install and host yourself
  • IMDb, where you can create an account and create a list those movie titles you owned

For CDs:

I haven’t tried none of the above, but would like to put them here for bookmarking purposes. Of course, I’d also need to find out whether any of the services above can accommodate my vinyls as well.